SRF new BOPET film plant in Hungary: acquired FILTRO from INFORMA to improve production performance
SRF Hungary plant

September 12, 2020

FILTRO, one of our flagship products, has been acquired by SRF EUROPE KFT, Jaszfenyszaru, Hungary. This new business relationship will improve the production performance of the Hungarian company. 

SRF is a renowned Indian company making BOPP/BOBET films used primarily on packaging, labelling, and lamination. SRF EUROPE KFT’s production capacity is over 40,000 tons/year with an ultra-modern 10.4 BOPET line

SRF EUROPE KFT has acquired machinery from BONFANTI, the material handling and production logistics leader. SRF chose BONFANTI/INFORMA to supply the slitting optimization software and MES system (REEL MANAGER) strictly connected to automation (extrusion, slitters, packing, warehouse) and has chosen FILTRO for slitting optimization and REEL MANAGER for production control and labelling. Both software packages are part of the TANGRAM Integrated Solution for companies producing and cutting plastic films. INFORMA developed TANGRAM in partnership with BONFANTI.

BONFANTI/INFORMA supported SRF from the preliminary phase (September 2019) to create a “high automation plant”. There has been significant activity on layout plant analysis, bottleneck identification, material flow between different areas, IT integration with ERP and machines (slitters, conveyors, scales, packing area), test environments, quality systems, backup strategies.

SRF EUROPE KFT started operations in July 2020 smoothly, and the plant was able to plan and execute the scheduled jobs from the first day.

INFORMA team have been very innovative and creative, especially when it comes to doing something customized to meet specific needs. Customer support is exceptionally great.
Pawan Kumar Saxena – AVP Operations and Site Head

Special thanks to Mr. Hari K Singh – Executive Vice President, Head Global Operations & Strategy, for the continuous supervision and support both in the pre-analysis phase (visit to the headquarter in India and during the design meeting in Bonfanti headquarter) and in the plant start-up

A big thank you to Mr. Pawan Kumar Saxena – AVP Operations and Site Head – for his coordination contribution in all phases of installation and post-installation of the system, automation, pallet area.

We also thank Mr. Anil Gupta – VP IT & BPR – and all his team in all phases of the IT integration of the project (support, coordination of the SRF – INFORMA / BONFANTI development team, analysis, and prevention of problems that could arise)


FILTRO is a combinatorial solver. The software considers the process and machine constraints, and it is fully integrated with the TANGRAM Suite (Scheduling. and M.E.S.)

• minimization of trim and setup waste – Primary slitter
• maximization of intermediate roll widths
• minimization of Metalizer/Secondary slitter trim/setups
• multi-width optimization
• isotropic optimization
• defect optimization
• cardboard core optimization
• integration with warehouses



Since 1986, INFORMA has been fully dedicated to studying and solving optimization problems in production planning, specifically for manufacturing and distribution companies.

INFORMA has become highly specialized in optimizing the cutting of materials, scheduling the production planning to order confirmation, transportation planning, and truck/container loading for goods delivery.


About SRF

SRF is one of the largest manufacturers of a spectrum of standard and speciality Bi-axially Oriented Polyethylene Terephthalate (BOPET) and Bi-axially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) films in the world.

SRF Limited is a multi-business chemicals conglomerate manufacturing industrial and speciality intermediates. The company’s diversified business portfolio covers Fluorochemicals, Specialty Chemicals, Packaging Films, Technical Textiles, Coated and Laminated Fabrics. It is anchored by a strong workforce of 7,000 employees from different nationalities working across eleven manufacturing plants in India, Thailand, South Africa, and Hungary. The company exports to more than 90 countries.

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