AKIJ BIAX FILMS acquired FILTRO from INFORMA to improve production performance
AKIJ plant facilities

February 16, 2020

FILTRO, one of our star products, has been acquired by AKIJ BIAX FILMS. This new business relationship will enhance the production performance of the Bangladesh company.

AKIJ is the only company in Bangladesh making BOPP film used primarily on packaging, labelling, and lamination. AKIJ BIAX FILMS’ production capacity is over 42,000 tons, more than enough to satisfy the annual demand for film in Bangladesh of around 25,000 tons (2019).

AKIJ BIAX FILMS started operations in 2019 and needed slitting optimization software. FILTRO minimizes the production of scraps during the slitting of customer rolls from the jumbo roll and keeps the number of setups under control when setting the slitter. AKIJ has chosen FILTRO since it is part of the Tangram integrated solution for companies producing and slitting plastic films.

TANGRAM was developed by Informa in partnership with BONFANTI, the leader in material handling and production logistics, and includes five programs in one suite to optimize the production flow: scheduling, slitting, M.E.S. transportation, container-loading. AKIJ has acquired machinery from BONFANTI and has chosen FILTRO for cutting optimization and REEL MANAGER for production control and labelling.

INFORMA project team wants to thank AKIJ for the highly smooth cooperation during all implementation project phases. Although the Covid crisis has caused continuous problems in the implementation process, the two companies worked hard to recover delays and stabilize the system for the complete operation.

INFORMA’s significant experience installing FILTRO in many film production systems allows us to state that AKIJ BIAX FILMS will confidently obtain considerable improvements. With just a few hours of training, AKIJ BIAX FILMS started using the software and immediately saved in terms of scrap and time required to have a slitting plan in production.


FILTRO is a combinatorial solver. The software considers the process and machine constraints, and it is integrated with the TANGRAM Suite (Scheduling. and M.E.S.)

• minimization of trim and setup waste – Primary slitter
• maximization of intermediate roll widths
• minimization of Metalizer/Secondary slitter trim/setups
• multi-width optimization
• isotropic optimization
• defect optimization
• cardboard core optimization
• integration with warehouses



Since 1986, INFORMA has been fully dedicated to studying and solving optimization problems in production planning, specifically for manufacturing and distribution companies.

INFORMA has become highly specialized in optimizing the cutting of materials, scheduling the production planning to order confirmation, transportation planning, and truck/container loading for goods delivery.




AKIJ BIAX FILMS is part of AKIJ GROUP. One of Bangladesh’s most prominent companies with more than 22 branches of industry and approx. 55,000 employees, now enter this promising business with a BOPP line
AKIJ BIAX FILMS offers all varieties of BOPP films in the range of 12 to 60 microns (TDS-Technical Datasheet). It has installed a state-of-the-art BOPP film line from Bruckner, Germany, Slitters from ATLAS, U.K., a Metallizer from BOBST, U.K., and a modern packaging system from Bonfanti, Italy.

Its world-class equipment is supported by component and technically quality engineers to deliver world-class products to satisfy customers’ needs anywhere in the world.