FAET acquired FILTRO and INFOPLAN from INFORMA to improve planning and production performance
Faet tape machine
Tape slitting machine

January 14, 2022

FAET, the leader in the Italian market in the supply and processing of materials and components for the electromechanical industry, acquired FILTRO for roll slit optimization and INFOPLAN for the production schedule.

FAET needed slitting optimization software and a production scheduler. INFORMA was chosen as a partner to provide a reliable and efficient response in harmony with a company’s technological development plan
Gabriele Guidi – CEO and owner of FAET

FAET‘s converting production capacity is over 700 tons/year and 18,5Mln of pieces.

Immediately from the beginning, FILTRO immediately reduced the trim and setups on the slitters, and in 1-year production/setup increased of more than 18%
Yuri Baldina – Production Manager.

FILTRO minimizes the production of scraps during the slitting of customer rolls from the jumbo roll and keeps under control the number of setups when setting the slitter. FAET has chosen FILTRO and INFOPLAN since it is part of the Tangram integrated solution and designed to interface with a third-party MES.

INFORMA developed TANGRAM, and it was integrated with FAET’s ERP AS400 (IBM) and a new MES (TESAR) as part of the process improvement. Slit cards are created from customers’ orders and sent to MES software (interfaced with machines). The scheduler drives the planner to prepare the optimal production scenario, taking the production time windows into account. Ongoing production is instantly displayed on a Gantt chart for problem detection and what-if analysis.

  1. Order information status – to follow the order in production and guarantee the delivery date.
  2. ATP / CTP to propose the first confirmable date in the order confirmation phase (considering the production capacity and warehouses)


FILTRO is a combinatorial solver. The software considers the process and machine constraints and it is integrated with the Tangram Suite (Scheduling. and M.E.S.)

• minimization of trim and setup waste – Primary slitter
• multi-width optimization
• integration with warehouses



INFOPLAN is an Advanced Planning System. Can create finite capacity planning based on the business model. It is able to manage make-to-order or make-to-stock programming and aims to minimize the production of batches destined for the warehouse.


• compliance with delivery dates
• quick response times
• efficient sequencing of products
• assignment to production machines
• greater flexibility (reduced planning time)
• possibility of carrying out “WHAT IF” analyzes
• grouping based on product classification
• quantity available and assigned
• evidence of delays
• minimum lots
• ability to reserve capacity for product-customer-period
• confirm orders
• integration with FILTRO



Since 1986, INFORMA has been fully dedicated to studying and solving optimization problems in production planning, specifically for manufacturing and distribution companies.

INFORMA has become highly specialized in optimizing the cutting of materials, scheduling the production planning to order confirmation, transportation planning, and truck/container loading for goods delivery.



About FAET

FAET is the leader of the Italian electromechanical industry converter. With more than 3000 active customers and more than 23000 yearly shipments, FAET responds to the needs of their customers with competence and responsiveness, thanks to stock management of over 13,000 references and an accurate sales service in more than 50 countries.


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